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Match Play Signup


Competition: Match Play, flights of 16 with winners from each flight playing for final championship. Payouts for first and second place in each flight of 16. All payouts in Druids Glen book money. OPEN TO ALL Druid’s Glen Club Members. ALL Players MUST have an Official USGA Handicap, or you will play to a zero. Tees for each flight will be determined by the Tournament Director before event begins. The final from all flight winners will be played from the Blue/White combo tees. This year there is a 16 player Senior Match Play competition for those in the club that are 60 years or older. This flight will be from the Gold Tees.

Sign up early! Starting with 64 open spots in the Match Play and 16 open spots in the Senior Match Play. We will add a waiting list for another 16 spots if the 64 initial spots fill up.

Competitors are responsible for arranging the time and playing their matches, the kickoff tee times are a convenience that may be used or not. Matches need to be completed in two weeks unless an exception is provided by Bill DeChon or Ken Reitz.

Match 1 completed by Tuesday June 25th
Match 2 completed by Tuesday July 9th
Match 3 completed by Tuesday July 23rd
Match 4 (Flight finals) completed by Tuesday August 6th
Flight winner matches complete by Tuesday August 27th

Final Four Schedule to follow:

Cost: ($25) - Pays for competition fee. Players will be responsible for paying the greens fee for each match that they play leading to the finals.
Weekend - $50 Walk/$60 Ride
Weekday - $40 Walk/$50 Ride

Druids will comp the green fees ($10 cart fee) for the flight championship, the final four matches and the overall championship.

Field List

Ken ReitzFlight 1
Colin SumnerFlight 3
Bill DeChonFlight 1
Steven MurphyFlight 1
Douglas MooneyFlight 1
Andrew MeldrichFlight 4
Rob SturzaFlight 2
Mark NiemiFlight 2
Brian GodonFlight 1
Dan EiselFlight 4
Keith WalkerFlight 1
Benjamin GillFlight 3
Marcus EvansFlight 1
Daniel EllenwoodFlight 1
Jon GellertFlight 3
Ed MuscatFlight 4
Jim GustafsonFlight 1
Eric SicherFlight 4
Bert EvansFlight 1
Matt EvansFlight 3
Austin WhittendaleFlight 3
Mike JohnsonFlight 4
Peter EricksonFlight 2
Michael TurekFlight 4
Jamie MackenzieFlight 3
Dennis McBroomFlight 3
Mike BailyFlight 2
Ben StocklerFlight 3
Aaron JohnsonFlight 3
Toby BenedickFlight 4
Mark BensonFlight 4
JK MackayFlight 2
Daniel BergFlight 1
Blake SvecFlight 4
Russ OrstadFlight 1
Fernando BurtonFlight 3
Tom NarakFlight 2
Craig JonesFlight 3
Bill AustellFlight 2
Randy PayneFlight 4
Nelson OgrenFlight 1
Dave JoyceFlight 3
Chris HumbertFlight 2
Roberto RiosFlight 2
Barry SmithFlight 3
Tim W KellyFlight 2
Freelon HunterFlight 4
Craig FrewFlight 3
Ian TinkerFlight 4
Steven ShroyerFlight 1
Mike LiljestromFlight 2
James AustellFlight 1
Robert LydonFlight 2
Eric ManzanarezFlight 4
Shon O'FallonFlight 4
Ehrin StumpgesFlight 2
Rodney SmothermonFlight 2
Rory McQuoidFlight 4
Kevin ConklinFlight 2
Robert NealFlight 2
Monte GarciaFlight 3
Alex LiljestromFlight 1
Grady HollenbeckFlight 3
Bret KragerudFlight 4