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Saturday-Sunday July 27th-28th 8:00 AM Shotgun
(Optional) Friday Horse Race 5:30 PM Check-in/Betting - 6:00 PM start

Day 1 Hole Assignments


Competition (2-Man Best Ball)

Bring a guest to play in a two day 2-man best ball event. There will be a horse race on Friday starting at 5:00 PM. To keep everyone together we will all be playing blue/white combo tees.

Teams are made up of two players (One Member and One Guest) that have to have an index spread of 10.0 or less. If your high handicap players is greater than a 10.0 spread they will play as an index of low handicapper + 10.0. Example: Player A is a 5.2 index and player B is a 17.2 index. For the event, player B will be brought down to a 15.2 index.

No Guest?: Sign up as a single member and we will blind draw for Member-Member partners on Thursday July 25th.

If we have more that 20 teams we will break the team game up into two divisions, 45 teams or more and we will break into three divisions. Breaking the divisions up based on the sum of the adjusted index for the team.

Team Handicap is calculated by summing the players course handicap (CH) and dividing by 2. Example: Player A has a CH of 12 and player B a CH of 15, the team handicap is 27/2 = 13.5. Member-Member teams will be set to 80% of their CH. Teams keep track of best gross score on each hole and net is calculated off total gross.


$400 per team - Includes Green Fees, $60 Competition Fee per team, Cart, Range Balls and a lunch after each round. Hat and towel for every player.
$10 per player - Horse Race (50/30/20) for win/place/show - 1st hole free

Side Game - Optional Costs

$20 - Team gross skins per flight ($10 per day)
$20 - Team KPs per flight ($10 per day) - Not part of shootout

Shotgun Format Pairings (08:00)

Start Hole:Golfer Name:Flight:
1AAlex LiljestromFlight 1
  James Johnson (G)Flight 1
  Mike LiljestromFlight 1
  Steve Dipierro (G)Flight 1
1BKevin McCrossinFlight 1
  Ken Lundt (G)Flight 1
  Tom NarakFlight 3
  Michael Johnson (G)Flight 3
2AKen ReitzFlight 2
  Chad Borseth (G)Flight 2
  Jamie MackenzieFlight 3
  Jeremy Washa (G)Flight 3
2BRoberto RiosFlight 2
  Kevin Potter (G)Flight 2
  Marcus EvansFlight 1
  Cory Nergaard (GN)Flight 1
3ARuss OrstadFlight 1
  Jose Gandara (G)Flight 1
  Jim GustafsonFlight 1
  Greg Kilgore (G)Flight 1
3BChris HumbertFlight 1
  Mark Arquett (G)Flight 1
  Nathan RustadFlight 1
  Preston Longoni (G)Flight 1
4AFreelon HunterFlight 3
  Tom Oliver (G)Flight 3
  Michael TurekFlight 3
  Allen Gourlie (G)Flight 3
4BRory McQuoidFlight 3
  Joe Kallas (G)Flight 3
  Monte GarciaFlight 2
  Rory Wakefield (G)Flight 2
5AMichael R LaikFlight 3
  Edwin Cribby (G)Flight 3
5BEd MuscatFlight 2
  Charles Mroz (G)Flight 2
  Steve CalhounFlight 2
  Eric Larson (G)Flight 2
6ARon GippeFlight 3
  John Porter (G)Flight 3
  Dennis McBroomFlight 1
  Cory West (G)Flight 1
6BBrian GodonFlight 1
  Greg Dahl (G)Flight 1
  Aaron JohnsonFlight 2
  Larry VenturaFlight 2
7ABen CraigheadFlight 2
  Aaron Cossette (G)Flight 2
  Dan HericFlight 3
  Rick Olson (G)Flight 3
7BKen DavisFlight 3
  Justin Zink (GN)Flight 3
  Blake SvecFlight 3
  Donnie Richardson (G)Flight 3
8AMatt GrellaFlight 2
  John Sherwood (G)Flight 2
  Dan EiselFlight 2
  Daniel ShefferFlight 2
8BMitch TallmanFlight 3
  Steve Crowe (G)Flight 3
  Douglas MooneyFlight 1
  Jeff Liefeld (G)Flight 1
9ARobert GoebelFlight 3
  Geoffrey Goebel (G)Flight 3
  Nelson OgrenFlight 1
  Mike Ross (G)Flight 1
9BDarrell KingFlight 3
  Chad Perry (G)Flight 3
  Craig JonesFlight 2
  James Latousek (G)Flight 2
10AJames SmithFlight 2
  Evan Daily (G)Flight 2
  Bert EvansFlight 1
  Paul BrookerFlight 1
10BMatt EvansFlight 2
  Jon GellertFlight 2
11ASteve EllithorpeFlight 3
  Nick Sumner (G)Flight 3
  David JamesFlight 2
  Michael Hagen (G)Flight 2
11BKeith WalkerFlight 1
  Robert A CarnevaleFlight 1
  Steven MurphyFlight 1
  Travis Sims (G)Flight 1