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How do I join the Men's Club at Druids Glen?

Sign up for a Gold, Platinum, or Champions Membership at Druids Glen. You can do this online or in person at the pro shop. Let them know you plan to play in Men's Club events.

How do I sign up for an upcoming event?

You're already at the LeagueScores website, so you're almost there! PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO NEED TO LOG IN. On the LeagueScores homepage, look under the UPCOMING EVENTS heading. Click the "Register Now" link for the event. Select a tee time on the next page. Then enter your name, email address, and GHIN number, and you're all set!

My handicap is not established yet, is that a problem?

Until your handicap is calculated by GHIN, your handicap is considered to be a zero.

When is registration opened for an event?

For Wednesday night events, registration is opened on the preceeding Thursday morning. Tournament registration is opened several weeks in advance.

How can I cancel my registration for an event?

Unless blocked by your spam filter, you should have received a confirmation email when you registered. Using the link included in that email is the best way to cancel.

If you can't find that email,

  • If registration is still open, email druidsmensnight@gmail.com
  • If registration is closed, call the pro shop.

I have my membership, now how much does each Wednesday night cost?

For 2022, each Wednesday night will be $43 plus tax. This cost includes cart and the $8 competition fee. You have the option of paying $10 cash to join the side games - skins and deuce pot - each week.

Can I play 18 holes on Men's Night?

Yes, and it's only $10 more! Please note: You are not allowed to have a practice round on the 9 holes used for the competition, though. For example, if the men's club is competing on the back 9, the score that you turn in for men's night should be from the first time you play the back 9.

What are the side games?

Side games are $10 cash only to enter. That amount enters you into the skins competition and deuce pot.

  • SKINS: $8 from your entry goes into the pot. To win a skin, you must have the lowest score on a hole in your flight among those entered. Gross scores and net scores are considered separately, although you can only win one skin - gross or net - per hole. The pot is divided equally among all skins in your flight. Note that a birdie does not guarantee you win a skin, it has to be the ONLY birdie in your flight.
  • DEUCE POT: $2 from your entry goes into the pot. To win, get a 2 on a hole (gross score only). The pot is divided equally among all 2's in your flight. If no 2's, the pot is carried over to the next week.


  • Side games winnings are paid out in cash. The primary method for side games payouts will be through Venmo. Our treasurer's goal is to pay out winnings the following week - ask for an envelope at the check-in desk.
  • Competition winnnigs are "Book money" that can be used in the pro shop for mechandise, next year's membership, etc. Please note that book money is USE IT OR LOSE IT by the end of December.

Should I post my own score to GHIN for men's club events?

NO, we will post your 9 hole score to GHIN for you from Wednesday nights. If you play extra holes, it is your responsibility to post those scores.

We will also post your score to GHIN from tournaments.

What is HOLE-IN-ONE insurance?

Buying drinks for the entire league after a hole-in-one can get expensive. Pay in $10 into the hole-in-one insurance fund, and you'll get the entire pot when you make an ace! Once you've paid into the pot, please double check after a few days to make sure your name was recorded on the LeagueScores homepage under the heading, "List of Members with Hole-In-One Insurance."

Still have a question regarding the men's club? Email druidsmensnight@gmail.com and we'll do our best to answer it!