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5-12-2021 Stroke Play NEW TEE INFO


5-12-2021 - Stroke Play (Front 9)

Digital Scorecard - Only submit one score per player.  One person in a group can do all 4. 

Site Link: https://salty-dusk-42886.herokuapp.com/event/

Scorecard event code isDMN512

Please have your scores in by 10 PM on Wednesday night.  If you have a problem with the site, then send your scores to druidsmensnight@gmail.com with your hole by hole score and the error you are having on the site. 

Playing it down!

Tees and Flights have changed! We are trying 4 flights this week with Flight 4 playing from the White/Gold combo tees.  Please check the card to make sure you are playing the correct tees. Send feedback to druidsmensnight@gmail.com.  This decision was made based on getting 120+ players on Wednesdays.  

Flights/Tees: Tees (Use your Index to determine flight and tee to play)

  • Flight 1 - Blue Tees - Index up to 9.8
  • Flight 2 - Blue/White Combo Tees - 9.9 to 15.1
  • Flight 3 - White Tees - 15.2 to 19.3
  • Flight 4 - White/Gold Combo Tees - 19.4 and above

Scorecard Instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vR7cqPde5FQw9OIG0euJjZAE4fKbM03QfnCTtusQSiLhX2Kr6tfk4ra-oSU_oZUtbxPlKlfBySX0ktI/pub

Side Games:

Cash: $10 

$8 will go into the skins pot (Gross/Net) and $2 will go into the deuce pot (Gross Only).

Deuce pot is split between all players in the flight that score a 2 on a hole.

Hole in One Insurance:  If you want hole in one insurance and are not already covered from last year, please add $10 to the box and mark off on the side game sheet.

New:  Please reach out to druidsmensnight@gmail.com or see someone in pro shop for assistance.

Additional Rules:

  • Group determination of Ground Under Repair.  Use your best judgment
  • With us not being able to sand.  If you are in a divot that is not filled in the fairway, you can move it to grass.  Just roll it out to grass near the divot, but no closer to the hole.  You do not need to do an official drop.
  • Sand traps - No rakes.  Lift smooth out and roll into closest hittable area in the trap