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Welcome to the Druids Glen Men's Club powered by LeagueScores™

2021 Member-Guest


Saturday-Sunday July 24th-25th - Tee Times starting at 8:00 am

Horse Race Included: Friday July 23rd starting at 5 PM. $20 per team entry fee 1st-3rd payout. 

Competition (Saturday 2-Person Shamble, Sunday 2-Person Best Ball)

Bring a guest to play in a two day 2-man shamble and best ball event. Saturday, choose the best drive and play your own ball to hole from there. Sunday, play your own ball. Both players record their gross score for each hole.

Teams are made up of two players (One Member and One Guest) that have to have an index spread of 9.0 or less.  If your high handicap player is greater than a 9.0 spread they will play as an index of low handicapper + 9.0.  Example:  Player A is a 5.2 index and player B is a 17.2 index.  For the event, player B will be brought down to a 14.2 index. 

There will be two flights and both flights will play the Blue/White combo tees. We will pay out 3rd place gross and net with 3rd place getting their money back in book money.

We will be using 85% of the course handicap.  Gross scores will be recorded for each player and the best gross and net for each hole added up is used for team score.


$500 per team - Includes Green Fees, $100 Competition Fee per team, Cart, Range Balls and Tee Prizes included

Purse consists of $100 per team plus another $2000 to be divided by both flights. Payout places will be determined based on the number of teams in the event. Minimum 3 places Gross and Net per division.

Side Games: $50 per team ($25 per day) - Team Gross Skins ($20 per day) and Team Deuce Pot ($5 per day).  No deuces, it rolls into the skins pot.

Member-Member teams can now sign up. Course Handicap will be 70% for Member-Member teams

FlightTee BoxIndex Up To
Flight 1Combo (Blue/White)11.2
Flight 2Combo (Blue/White)30.5


Start Time:Golfer Name:Flight:Index:Course Handicap:
08:00Rory McQuoidFlight 222.622
  Michael Hyde (21)Flight 211.510
  Colin SumnerFlight 211.313
  Johnpaul David (21)Flight 212.712
08:10Brian PanFlight 15.24
  Kory Kemp (21)Flight 19.89
  Daniel LesnikFlight 217.416
  Mark Hassig (21)Flight 213.713
08:20Seth WagnerFlight 215.715
  Ross McGrath (21)Flight 29.89
  Keith WalkerFlight 27.65
  James Dirden (21)Flight 217.617
08:30Tim BryanFlight 216.117
  Alan Lynden (21)Flight 218.017
  Terry HiggsFlight 215.215
  Darik Harshman (21)Flight 217.516
08:40Brian GodonFlight 13.83
  Greg Dahl (21)Flight 18.98
  Gordon ReynaudFlight 19.68
  Paul Eastey (21)Flight 19.58
08:50Matt CrooksFlight 218.218
  Brian CrooksFlight 230.530
  Bill AustellFlight 211.310
  Clyde Joseph (21)Flight 218.818
09:00Tyler McMurrickFlight 14.34
  William Frazier (21)Flight 13.93
09:10Andrew MeldrichFlight 224.626
  Joe Kallas (21)Flight 218.818
  Ken DavisFlight 222.922
  Tom NarakFlight 215.215
09:20James BuslonFlight 27.59
  Glen Herzog (21)Flight 219.619
  Jared WhaleyFlight 112.511
  Scott WathenFlight 16.85
09:30Nathan RustadFlight 19.49
  Preston Longoni (21)Flight 13.83
  Mike LiljestromFlight 17.76
  Steve Dipierro (21)Flight 15.64
09:40Alex LiljestromFlight 12.51
  Jimmy Johnson (21)Flight 119.518
  Robert LydonFlight 28.39
  Michael Johnson (21)Flight 225.324
09:50Larry ArmstrongFlight 19.07
  Kevin McCrossin (21)Flight 10.0-1
  Ken YocumFlight 111.110
  Staurt Parsons (21)Flight 19.510
10:00Marcus EvansFlight 11.30
  Cory Nergaard (21)Flight 10.0-1
  Roberto, Jr RiosFlight 210.011
  Brad Foreman (21)Flight 218.618
10:10Brad WilsonFlight 17.37
  Will Thompson (21)Flight 13.62
  Matt MasseyFlight 15.97
  Quinn Massey (21)Flight 18.37
10:20Freelon HunterFlight 29.711
  Tom Oliver (21)Flight 216.916
  Jerry MargreiterFlight 214.613
  Jay Thompson (21)Flight 212.011
10:30Gordon PaysenoFlight 111.511
  Scott Wetmore (21)Flight 17.87
  Joel NaegeleFlight 217.216
  Jim Schumacher (21)Flight 215.715
10:40Tony DepianoFlight 111.310
  Dustin Holmes (21)Flight 110.59
  Sean RimkusFlight 10.12
  Travis Coursey (21)Flight 115.214
10:50Trevor Karl GrinzelFlight 17.69
  Austin Whittendale (21)Flight 18.78
  Jake LambroFlight 216.816
  Daniel Nist (21)Flight 212.612
11:00Craig FrewFlight 112.112
  Chris Farrell (21)Flight 15.75
  Douglas MooneyFlight 16.05
  Jeff Liefeld (21)Flight 17.56
11:10Jamie MackenzieFlight 211.212
  Jeremy Washa (21)Flight 212.311
  Ken ReitzFlight 28.07
  Tony Darwin (21)Flight 217.617
11:20Steven MurphyFlight 10.7-1
  Travis Sims (21)Flight 18.67
  Russ OrstadFlight 15.23
  Rick Mitchell (21)Flight 110.710
11:30Bill DeChonFlight 16.14
  Thomas SchieszFlight 15.04
  Daniel ShefferFlight 110.710
  Lance LappingFlight 15.85
11:40Mark BensonFlight 219.718
  Bo KrauseFlight 28.88
  Chris HumbertFlight 17.47
  Curtis Hagan (21)Flight 17.46
11:50Scott AmbroseFlight 214.214
  Barak Schneeweiss (21)Flight 29.08
  James FrickeFlight 110.010
  Andrew Reid (21)Flight 110.910
12:10Jacob KutchFlight 223.622
  Jonathan WhiteFlight 214.314
12:20David RosserFlight 10.30
  Josh Rosser (21)Flight 112.612
  Heyden JohnsonFlight 14.93
  Talon Sisley (21)Flight 19.28
12:30Jordan ChanesFlight 213.613
  Jeff Siner (21)Flight 29.48
  Toby BenedickFlight 216.818
  Dan EiselFlight 214.011