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10/5 Match Play with a Twist (Back) ✔


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Sorry about the lack of flights on the KP markers. Send me an email if any corrections are needed.

All names written down are shown below, only the closest wins $$, others are crossed out.

Flight 1 KPs: $35 ea

Hole 12:
Lauchlin Bethune - 7'7"
Trent Wohlman - 6'

Hole 16:
Rick Stover 21'6"
Brad Wilson 3'11"

Flight 2 KPs: $35 ea

Jamie Mackenzie
Gensho Yukawa

Flight 3 KPs: $40 ea

Hole 12:
Ian Furness 4'5"

Hole 16:
Jim Nelson 37'8"
Paul Barrett 17'2"
Mark Benson 4'1"

Flight 4 KPs: $35 ea

Hole 12:
Keller Rockey 6'6"

Hole 16:
Drew Williams 16'5"

Note: I will not be posting scores to GHIN for this round.

Flight 1

Net Results

Net Competition Result Detail:

RankPlaceGolfer NameScorePointsEarningsNotes
01Craig Frew02.016Won match
01Rich Hartnett02.016Won match
01Paul Swanson02.016Won match
01Toby Benedick02.016Won match
01Johnny Bell02.016Won match
01Rich Hendrickson02.016Won match
01Brad Wilson02.016Won match
01Matt Grella02.016Won match
01Mark Rosenberger02.016Won match
01Paul Barrett02.016Won match
01Jamie Mackenzie02.016Won match
01Ryan Rupe02.016Won match
01Brian Coyer02.016Won match
01Mark Morvice02.016Won match
01Jimm Elliott02.016Won match
01Don Lerdahl02.016Won match
01Mark Burgess02.016Won match
01Matthew Greene02.016Won match
01Zach Aaron02.016Won match
01Rick Stover02.016Won match
01Timothy Thimsen02.016Won match
01Nathan Rustad02.016Won match
01Artie Tarnove02.016Won match
01J.D. Schampera02.016Won match
01Bret Kragerud02.016Won match
01Keller Rockey02.016Won match
01Bill Austell02.016Won match
01Freelon Hunter02.016Won match
01Mike Johnson02.016Won match
01Larry Cratsenberg02.016Won match
01Michael Teal02.016Won match
01Matt Evans02.016Won match
01Shane Dodge02.016Won match
01Kevin Conklin02.016Won match
02Rylan Cratsenberg01.00
02Martin Bauer01.00
02Gensho Yukawa01.00
02Mark Young01.00
02Craig Hammett01.00
02Dan Eisel01.00
02Drew Williams01.00
02Gary Olson01.00
02Mike Abrahamson01.00
02Terry Higgs01.00
02Robert Mahoney01.00
02Steve Schreck01.00
02Tim Aguilar01.00
02Lauchlin Bethune01.00
02Barry Faulkner Jr.01.00
02Brian Scott01.00
02Obie Kokich01.00
02Tim Kelly01.00
02Michael Turek01.00
02Bert Evans01.00
02Robert Neal01.00
02Shon O'Fallon01.00
02Ian Furness01.00
02Dick Stewart01.00
02Dan Heric01.00
02Tim Bryan01.00
02Jeff Olwell01.00
02Rob Hartnett01.00
02Ronald Bohanick01.00
02Steven Murphy01.00
02Matt Massey01.00
02Jim Nelson01.00
02Roger Maggio01.00
02Ken Shipley01.00

Flight 2

Net Results

Net Competition Result Detail:

RankPlaceGolfer NameScorePointsEarningsNotes
01Sam Kerley372.040
02Robert Hodges382.020
02Blake Svec382.020
04Mark Benson392.012
04Joe Baird392.012
06Alan Dudley411.00
07Darren Henne431.00
08Kelly Haren01.00No card turned in
08Casey Stegin01.00No card turned in
08Blayne Bucy01.00No card turned in
08Greg Scott01.00No card turned in
08Shaun Kurtz01.00No card turned in
08Trent Wohlman01.00No card turned in

Flight 3

No results have been posted for this flight yet.

Flight 4

No results have been posted for this flight yet.